Our international community of architects and designers are committed to high-quality cork design, specialising in bespoke living spaces. With our beautifully crafted interior and lifestyle accessories, we promote bold and original designs with sustainable materials to create contemporary spaces with a social conscience.


“We put green ideas at the heart of the design process”

CorkSpaces' Captain Max S Lamp


We are creating sophisticated designs with 100% natural materials of high-quality. All our premium products are crafted in Portugal. Our international design team work in partnerships with global design studios to help promote cork products to new markets and audiences.  


NATURAL Materials

Our products are made with organic Portuguese cork and are vigorously tested to ensure they meet strict ecological requirements. As supporters of Portugal’s artisanal heritage, we embrace the country’s eco-farming methods and apply them to our new designs. Like everything else in nature, no two pieces are ever alike. 

Social responsibility


We are continually developing new methods to adopt and reinforce sustainable development practices that help support the green economy, from harvesting cork bark in an environmentally friendly fashion to promoting fair trade policies.


“We put sustainability at the heart of everything we do” 

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