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Sustainable design is not a trend; it is the future. Cork is a naturally exuberant material and capable of being shaped into anything from tables to umbrellas. With its flexible, waterproof and renewable qualities, it is perfect for designers and companies looking to create a more sustainable society.


By innovating and designing cork objects, we are promoting a natural resource ethically sourced from a sustainable production path. Since cork is 100% sustainable, the more people buy our products; the more saplings will be planted to encourage growth. Creating an environmental cycle that is healthy for jobs and farming.



We are constantly innovating for new ways to use cork. We want to help preserve the planet’s natural resources while producing sophisticated architectural spaces. If you want to collaborate or find out more about cork-based design and architectural living spaces, then get in touch today. All partners and collaborators are given full credit on our website.






architectural design studios

The Belgian brand is passionate about design and lighting. The designs in this artistic brand are always characterised by an experimental rebellion. Dark also likes to play with bright colours, which often creates a surprising effect. The Dark designs rely heavily on art. They are well known to create design awards.
MOVECHO is a Portuguese-Swiss company that operates since 1989. It includes a cutting edge industrial unit. The company is responsible from project development, design, product engineering, manufacturing, marketing and installation. Movecho does in-house design and development of renowned and award-winning brand furniture, environments and facilities.
The architecture and interior design studio responsible for creating the showrooms of CorkSpaces. The very talented and prominent young architect who owns it, João Amado Rocha, is fully inspired by green architecture, always favoring natural materials and plants in his collections. Bright and lively colours are also a constant in his portfolio.
PER / USE is a Belgian brand that offers a balanced mix of contemporary design furniture, lighting and accessories designed by international designers.  It is well known for its functional collection, with a dignified and timeless character, however not missing a contemporary twist.
Per Use
At TASA Project, the discipline of design meets the arts and crafts of the Algarve to lift them, through solutions that endow them with contemporary and functional flair, without losing their cultural and ecological character. The primary mission of TASA is to bring strategic innovation to the craft industry, ensuring its place as a profession of the future.
Projecto Tasa
It was founded in the beginning of 2004, as an ongoing project of two designers: Alzira Peixoto and Carlos Mendonça. Design, innovation, functionality and quality are the driving concepts. In SimpleFormsDesign past and future, craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, tradition and modern design walk side by side, creating unique pieces. The resulting products are carefully conceived articles that blend into the contemporary environment, in many cases, rehabilitating methods of production that had fallen into decline.

Architects & Designers

Alzira Peixoto & Carlos Mendonça
Alzira Peixoto + Carlos Mendonça 
Alzira Peixoto: Holds a degree in Design. She has been working as a freelancer designer since 1995. Carlos Mendonça: Holds a degree in Industrial Design. Since 1992, he has been dividing his time between teaching and working as a graphic designer. Alzira Peixoto and Carlos Mendonça developed together the Bath Collection in 1999. In 2000, the two designers founded the project Clearforms. In 2004, due to internal strategic changes, starts a new project: SimpleForms Design, in which Alzira and Carlos are still responsible for conceiving and promoting new collections and for conceiving all graphical and promotional material concerning SimpleForms Design. The different projects have already won them recognition through awards, such as Red Dot (2008), DesignPreis-Nominee (2008), IF Award Design 2015, Good Design of Chicago (2015), Design Preis-Nominee (2015), as well as by being selected by BID 2016 for international exhibition in Madrid.
Miguel Arruda
Miguel Arruda
In 1968, Miguel Arruda completed a Degree in Sculpture at Escola Superior de Belas Artes. In 1989, he finished an Architecture Degree at the Faculty of Architecture of Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. Miguel Arruda was a university professor at Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa, where he taught until he took over the management of the institution, between 2004 and 2008. He developed works in Sculpture, Design and Architecture, which were published and shown in Portugal and abroad. He also received various national and international awards and nominations, among which we highlight, in 2015, the Good Design and, in 2016, the Red Dot Design Award and the A’Design Award attributed to the SPHERICAL chair. In architecture, in 2010, he was nominated for the Mies Van Der Rohe award and the Vila Franca de Xira Library conquered the 2016 Iconic Awards.

photography studios

Jose Guerra is a prominent photographer based in Portugal. His work features an array of subjects, including spectacular landscapes, beautiful faces and summer festivals. He has a special human sensitiveness and technical skills in capturing the soul of places and people. Jose Guerra was able to capture magnificently the essence and beauty of our cork-inspired spaces.